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We need your support! We want to keep this site completely free and create tools to lower the cost of our sport. A small monthly donation can go a long way.


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Simple straight forward pricing. FREE. Our goal is to keep scoring free to build the sport of sailboat racing.


Our site uses Paypal as do many other regatta management tools.


Create events with ease. Schedule your regattas around others by seeing what is available within our events calender.


The technology platform we leverage is not only fast but can scale easily. We have the capability to serve any number of users and events at the same time throughout the world.


Access to sailboat racers throughout the system. Teams can leverage a crew rolodex across the world. See who is racing or available based on position, class, and past scores.


Search regattas, boats, crew and many other dimensional data. Drill down into results by boat crew position and events. The most comprehensive search tool for sailboat racing.


Filter your search results by regatta, class, boat names, skippers and even crew. Find the data you have been looking for easily and seamlessly.


Most boats require maximum crew weight for each event. Manage crew check in and weight management for your event through the site. Crew can see their weight over time periods as well.


Automatically send notifications to each participant's preferred method either text, email, or facebook messenger. Send alerts to past participants or racers within a radius who have ever registered through sailing scores. Super easy to market your regatta with one click.


Our platform allows you to manage your team, crew information, or event coordination from whatever platform you are using. The ability to log on from anywhere and from any device is crucial.

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